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A woman has her teeth cleaned by a dentist

Root Canal Treatment

Trust the team at Penzance Dental to help repair your tooth and prevent further damage. Book an appointment with our team today if in doubt.


What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatments are typically used when an infection makes its way into the root canal system, a key part of your teeth and oral nervous system. If the pulp - the inside part of your teeth - is infected and left untreated, it can spread to other areas of the mouth and cause further pain and discomfort. If your pulp is infected, it doesn't always mean tooth removal. We can often save the tooth with a root canal treatment. 


If you suspect you might have root canal issues, our team can carry out an x-ray of your mouth, to view the condition of the pulp and see if it is infected. If the treatment is required, we will remove any infected pulp, saving the tooth and preventing the need for more involved work.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, making it a painless process (you may feel some mild discomfort). All root canals are carried out by one of our skilled dental technicians, who will use the latest treatments to make it as smooth a treatment as possible.

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You can come to us for:
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Keep on top of your oral health with routine check-ups.

A woman has her teeth cleaned by a dentist

Experiencing pain when easting? Ask about root canal treatments.

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We are able to fit and repair most types of fillings.

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We are able to help with gum problems, not just your teeth.

What should I look out for?

There are a number of symptoms that you can spot, which might be caused by root canal issues. They include:

  • Pain or discomfort when biting, chewing or eating

  • Pain when drinking hot or cold drinks

  • Loose teeth

If you experience any of these symptoms, get in touch with our team to book a diagnosis. Even if the pains go away on their own, it doesn't always mean the issue has gone too!

Even if you do not require a root canal treatment, it is always worth having your teeth checked by a trained professional. Routine check-ups can also help prevent the issue occurring or reoccurring.

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Lovely practise with the kindest staff imaginable. Can't wait for my next check-up!


Book your root canal treatment in Penzance today, on:

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