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Tooth whitening services in Penzance

Are you looking to enjoy a brighter, whiter smile? Visit Penzance Dental today and book your tooth whitening appointment.


Why should I consider whitening my teeth?

Whilst there is no health benefit to doing so, whitening your teeth might help you feel more confident in your teeth. Staining, caused by many types of food and drink, can turn teeth from an off-white colour to a more yellow/brown shade. Whitening allows us to restore the teeth's natural brightness.

We have helped patients from Penzance, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly enjoy a brighter smile. Get in touch with our team today.

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We offer a wide range of dental services:
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Keep on top of your oral health with routine check-ups.

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Experiencing pain when easting? Ask about root canal treatments.

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We are able to fit and repair most types of fillings.

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We are able to help with gum problems, not just your teeth.

Common tooth whitening questions

  • Can I get it on the NHS? Tooth whitening is not available as a treatment on the NHS, so will incur a fee as per any other private treatment.

  • How long will it last? This depends on your diet, tooth condition and whether you smoke. All types of tooth whitening/bleaching treatments are non-permanent, meaning the brightening effect will fade over time.

  • Are there side effects? Patients may sometimes experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment. This should fade over time.

  • Is it better than over the counter treatments? Whilst over the counter products can be cheaper, they may not be as effective. They can be difficult to use, and may only whiten some of your teeth. There is also the risk that knock-off items bought online could contain potentially harmful levels of chemicals such as sodium chlorite and phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), which can cause damage to tooth enamel and dentine.

  • Can I just use a whitening toothpaste? Whilst they are safe to use and can have an effect, the effects tend to be very minimal by comparison.

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Book your tooth whitening session now, on:

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81-82 Market Jew Street, Penzance TR18 2LG

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