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Penzance's experts in tooth fillings

Whether you need a new filling, or an existing one checked on, Penzance Dental will be happy to help.


Professionally fitted fillings

Whether caused by diet, poor dental hygiene, injury or diseases, some of us might experience excessive tooth decay, which may require a filling to be used. At Penzance Dental, we can repair your teeth with high-quality fillings, allowing you to enjoy a healthier smile and protect your tooth from further issues. 

Patients are able to treat filled teeth like any other tooth, with no additional specialist care. We can advise on the types of fillings available, as well as suitable alternatives such as dental implants or partial dentures. We will have a full consultation to discuss the condition of your teeth, and the most suitable options for you.

We are able to take on both private and NHS patients, and as members of several organisations, including Care Quality Commission, you can count on us to provide a professional service. If you live in the Cornwall or Penzance area, feel free to get in touch.

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As well as teeth fillings, we can help with:
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Keep on top of your oral health with routine check-ups.

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Experiencing pain when easting? Ask about root canal treatments.

Dentist curing a female patient

We are able to fit and repair most types of fillings.

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We are able to help with gum problems, not just your teeth.

We can do most types of filling

There are a few main types of filling compound that we use, and terms to be aware of:

  • Amalgam. This is a grey-silver coloured, metal-based filling that has been used for many years. It is often the more affordable choice, and works perfectly fine as a filing. They can discolour over time to a more grey-black colour, but this is normal. It does not affect the durability of your filling, just the aesthetics.

  • Composite. This filling compound is more suited for people who want to enjoy a more natural smile. The colour of this compound more closely matches the colour of your teeth, making it near-indistinguishable to the naked eye. these filling can cost more, so it is always worth thinking about which type of filling will suit you.

  • Crowns. These cap the top of a tooth, and can be made in a number of materials.

  • Inlays and overlays. Inlays typically fill the inside of a tooth, whereas overlays aim to recreate the original shape of the tooth. This type of filling best works on larger surfaces, such as your back teeth.

  • Root canal fillings. These may follow a root canal treatment, is the damage is more extensive and is deeper.

If the damage to your teeth is more extensive, we might recommend an alternative treatment, such as a dental implant (a false tooth which is securely fitted to the mouth) or partial dentures.

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Really good practice

Prompt effective treatment, gentle and reassuring, and explaining what he is doing. When I had difficulty with one filling which kept coming out, it was replaced by a different kind which is fine. Well organised, short waiting times. This is a really good practice.


Book your tooth filling appointment today:

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